An Overview of Bend Security Systems

There are many different features you can get in Bend security system that are sophisticated while being cost-effective.

Here is a brief rundown of some of these technologies — and some features that are just plain common sense.

The Master Control Panel

The master control panel serves as the brains of any home alarm system in that the components, whether it be the motion detectors, sensors, or keypads are tied to the controller to feed important information about the security status of one’s home at all times.

The master control panel is made up of a motherboard that needs to be programmed by an alarm specialist and be connected to the relevant devices. It should be mounted on a wall in a locked box that is only accessible to the homeowner.

Master control panels are made available in three types.

  1. You get the most basic one that consists of the control, keypad, alarm bell or siren as well as a backup power supply. It is really easy to install, but a burglar can just smash it if they find the unit and disable the alarm system rather quickly.
  2. The better security systems may cost a bit more, but while you can knock out say the camera or sensor, the rest of it will continue to function. Then you get the mid-range master control panels that are equipped with multiple control zones that offers one the flexibility of controlling the security throughout different areas of your home. An example of this is when you stay at home, you can keep the window and door sensors armed while you get to shut off the inside motion detectors.
  3. The best master control panels offer even more flexibility in that you can preset lots of different security configurations that can then be activated with the touch of a single button. These can also be serviced remotely once changes are required.

Professional Monitoring

Have you ever heard a car alarm go off in the distance? Is it something that you’ve given a second thought? Surely not. Regrettably, the same would apply to your home security system. If you depend on a siren or alarm bell to scare off would-be intruders, you are in for a huge shock. Similar to yard signs that might stop some home invaders, a siren or alarm bell may very well deter a burglar, but not for very long.  Do not rely on your neighbors to react. Lean on professional support around the clock.

Backup Power Supply

Even the best of the best security systems in Bend are worthless if your power should shut off. Your friends can attest to this fact as one of them may reside in South Louisiana where it is not unusual to lose power during hurricane season. Even during winter months, power outages are not so uncommon. Your home security system should have the ability to shift over and make use of an alternate power supply automatically. Your best bet is to utilize rechargeable batteries as it will lower your maintenance costs and give you 24/7 protection during any kind of weather.

Multiple Door and Window Sensors

Not all burglars would enter your home through the front door. Some might gain access through a rarely used side door or even a window. So, you need to look at multiple door and window sensors to form part of your security system.

Windows sensor will soon detect if a window is opening. The more sophisticated sensors can detect when the glass has been broken. These detectors are also referred to as “audio discriminators.” The way they work is that they detect an intruder who is trying to get into your house by sensing the sound of breaking the glass.

No doubt, the technology of these security systems have come a long way. Some time ago, the sensors would only pick up the sound of glass. Just clinking two glasses together when you wash the dishes would set the alarm system off. False alarms. Modern-day glass break detectors would only trigger based on a sequence of sounds such as bump and the sound of glass breaking.

There are many different levels of sophistication (and price) in keypads.

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