Allow Top Portland SEO Experts to Create a Keyword Strategy that Will Boost Your Page Rank

As far as creating a practical keyword strategy is concerned, you need to think like the person who is searching for what you have to offer. They would do this using a search engine or social media platform. Portland SEO specialists admonishes that one should keep in mind that your primary keyword should not be your brand name, but rather phrases or words that get straight to the point in summarizing what your product or service is about. An SEO Portland agency can help you turn your business around. Click here if you’re looking for Portland Search Engine Optimization.

Be specific when you choose your keywords. It should be based on relevance and difficulty. In reality, you should select keywords that have less competition, and that are related to your product or service. Testing your keywords is a powerful way to establish which ones would attract more traffic.

Design and Optimize Your Website Around Your Specific Keywords

This is critical and often overlooked by business owners. Your chosen keywords should be incorporated in the major places within the content of your website for optimum results.

Questions often asked by internet marketers – How many times should I use my keywords in my article? How important is keyword density?

Most people in the know such as expert marketing companies in Portland would say that 2 to 3 percent is a good keyword density to go for. This is not necessarily true. Search engines like Google are looking for content that flows. It should not come across as too robotic or forced.

In reality, you are good to go if you include your keywords in the title of your article and then repeat it once in the first paragraph to reinforce it to the reader what you are talking about.

It is best to load your keywords as far as possible to the front of your article title as it will maximize your chances of getting a good ranking result. In our opinion, it is much better to focus on the job at hand which is to provide quality content that provides solutions to the reader’s problem.

Your next step which is a topic all on its own is to find ways to increase your site’s chances of ranking well for the chosen keywords. A word often heard over the Internet – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We will not go into detail over here as there is enough information on the web on Search Engine Optimization. However, we would like to highlight the importance of optimizing your content.

The Importance of Optimizing Articles for Search Engines

There is a huge difference between writing content that is great while adding value to the reader’s experience and fluff. Your visitors will soon see that you are making use of word fillers just to make up an article of say 800 to 1000 words.

It is a case of creating content that adds value without stating the obvious. You are sure to attract targeted traffic by concentrating on solving people’s problems. Furthermore, most people have a very short attention span when it comes to absorbing valuable information. When writing your articles, it is best to give it to them in small chunks.

You need to strike the right balance when writing your articles. Your topic of discussion should include a keyword that is favored by the search engines, and content that is loved by your readers. You do not want to bore your readers by elaborating too much about a particular topic.

As far as paragraph length is concerned, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep it to not more than 4 to 5 sentences as a maximum. You can expect your click through rate to go down should you go overboard with the length of your article.

The value of Keyword Tools

It can take an awful lot of time doing your keyword research. Luckily for business owners, there is a simpler and easier way to conduct your research using Keyword Tools

What is a keyword tool? It is an online application that will help you research and identify the best keywords that you should target on your website or blog. That way you will not be playing a guessing game as to who will be reading your content.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

One of the first ones that come to mind is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The process involved is very straightforward to use this tool, and best of all it is free. You can find keywords via a website. All you do is add the website address of your competitor and see what keywords they focus on. Pretty cool isn’t it?

The only downfall about using this tool is that you have to create an account and log on every time you want to perform a keyword research. This tool also focuses on short keyword phrases rather than long tailed keywords. The latter will serve your interest better.

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